Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let it Rain

It is pouring outside my office window. I remember the devotional piece I read this morning selected from McConkey's "Chastening" and it seems a fitting encouragement to share.

"Perchance some one of God's chastened children is even now saying: 'O God, it is raining hard for me tonight.  Testings are raining upon me which seem beyond my power to endure.  Disappointments are raining fast, to the utter defeat of all my chosen plans.  Bereavements are raining into my life which are making my shrinking heart quiver in its intensity of suffering.  The rain of affliction is surely beating down upon my soul these days'  Withal, friend, you are mistaken.  It isn't raining rain for you.  It's raining blessing.  For if you will but believe your Father's word, under that beating rain are springing up spiritual flowers of such fragrance and beauty as never before grew in that stormless, unchastened life of yours. You indeed see the rain.  But, do you see, also, the flowers? It isn't raining afflictions for you.  It is raining tenderness, love, compassion, patience and a thousand other flowers and fruits of the blessed Spirit which are bringing into your life such a spiritual enrichment as all the fullness of worldly prosperity and ease was never able to beget in your innermost soul."

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