Meeting every Second Sunday our Newlyweds group, welcomes other recently married couples (within 5 years) interested in growing closer to God and to one another. 

The current study uses the Love & Respect Building Blocks Material. Love & Respect Building Blocks unpacks  5 key principles that will create "Ah Ha" moments and bring fresh insight into your marriage.  Over the course of the six session building blocks life group study you will learn how to: value your unique differences, resist misleading cultural influences, refocus on what made you friends, understand your spouse's mother tongue and effectively influence the relationship. 

The study is is entertaining and enlightening, helping couples understand in greater depth the simple, yet profound Biblical truths about how women need Love and men need Respect

The next Bible study that the Newlywed couples will be engaging in will have to do with Money & Finances. Financial conflict is reported as a top reason for divorce, as couples struggle with the humbling impact of materialism and lack of unity in important financial decisions. Couples who commit to learning about their spending tendencies and work together on their financial plan - whether spending, saving, giving, or investing - actually find their marriages strengthened.SO it is that the Newlyweds group will be unpacking Crown Financials Biblical Study material on finances in their next session.

If you are a Newlywed and interested in taking part in this life group, please contact Pastor Cathleen at for more information.

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