Tuesday, April 2, 2013


On APRIL 14th, Polson Park moves forward in our Life Plan process with our congregational Dream Session.  We have been encouraged as individuals and a corporate body to set aside time to fast and pray.  Using the rough picture of where we are as a congregation and who's in the neighbourhood, (based on our congregational surveys, neighbourhood demographics and community interviews) we are asked to seek the heart of God and listen for where it is Jesus would have us focus our time and energies as a church family. 

We want to get in on what God is doing, to set aside any preconceived notions, or default tendencies and discern how God would have us move ahead in meeting the needs of our church family, community and beyond.

Some questions to consider as you fast and pray might be:

  1. What does God want us to do in light of what we know about ourselves, our neighbourhood and beyond?

  2. If God showed up and made this church into the community He wants it to be, what would it look like?  

  3.  If, in two years, we brought a documentary crew in to do a story of how God brought us into His future, what do you think they would be taking pictures of?

When we join together, after Sunday service on April 14th we will share together a meal but more importantly we will share "What we have seen and what we have heard as we prayed?” We will join in conversations about the insights that came during our fasting and prayer.  We will look for common themes and will decide together which of these themes should receive the most attention.  Together as we seek to discern and follow the will of God we will "sketch" a plan for the future. 

Jared Siebert, Director of Growth Ministries for the Free Methodist Church in Canada, has developed a video, which explains in detail the dream session process.  The 5 minute video can be viewed below:

Speak, LORD, for your servants are listening.

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