Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let Us Pray 4 You...

We are privileged to be facilitating a 24 hour prayer event this Saturday March 2nd at 9am through to Sunday March 3 at 9am.  During this time there will be individuals and groups of people at the church every hour praying for the needs of those in our church, other churches, community, nation and beyond. 

If you have any prayers that you would like posted during that time, knowing that there are individuals committed to interceding on your behalf, please feel free to forward these requests to

You are also welcome to join us in prayer at the church anytime between 9am Saturday March 2nd and 9am Sunday March 3. This event is registered with 24-7 Prayer international and you can sign-up using the schedule found here:

Along with the myriad of Prayer requests that will be posted within the sanctuary there will be interactive prayer stations set up to aid individuals in their time of prayer and help draw them into deeper intimacy with God. INDIVIDUAL PRAYER -  COLLABORATIVE PRAYER - REFLECTIVE PRAYER - CREATIVE PRAYER - PETITIONING PRAYER - INTERCEDING PRAYER - BECAUSE...


This is only the beginning...we look forward to an opportunity of facilitating a whole week of 24-7 prayer this fall.

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