Thursday, October 18, 2012


At Polson Park we love opportunities for fellowship, fun and community building and what a great month we had. 

The Fall Fun Fair, was a success with many young people from the church, day care and community joining us for games, bouncy castles, food and fun. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the day a great success!  It was great to see all the College/University students really take a lead in seeing this event come to fruition.  The Yard Sale raised enough monies for the bible study group who participated and helped coordinate it, to buy a goat, hen, rooster and more, for a needy family in a developing country! Holy Rollers Bowling League has begun, but welcomes newcomers any Monday evening at 7pm.  Drop-In is going strong with lots of volunteers (we always welcome more) as we have more and more children attending every week - This past week 31 children from our community, from J.K. - Gr. 7 got help with their homework, participated in sports and crafts and were fed a delicious supper.  Please continue to pray for all our outreach endeavours, that each child and person who we come into contact with, will experience the love of God, through us.

This past weekend a group from the church represented by 3 generations, returned from a fabulous time in Lancaster Pennsylvania, where we got to see Jonah at Sight & Sound Theater and attend a wonderful authentic Mennonite/Amish Sunday service complete with bonnetted women on the right, men on the left and the most beautiful a capella harmonies. 

More than just fun & fellowship, we at Polson Park are focused on seeing hearts and lives redeemed, restored and transformed.  In fact the greatest thrill I have as a pastor is seeing lives transformed in Christ. So we are excited for those who have chosen to be Baptized on November 4th.   If you would like to be Baptized on November 4th, or would like a better understanding of the significance of Baptism, Pastor Rick or Pastor Cathleen would be pleased to meet with you.

Membership Class will be held Sunday October 21st at 2pm for all those considering becoming a member of Polson Park FMC and/or interested in understanding more about the Free Methodist Church in Canada

Discipleship is imperative, and a focus here at Polson Park.  Through preaching/teaching, discipleship groups, bible studies, relationships and one-on-one mentoring, we seek to help each interested individual grow in knowledge, wisdom and love for God and others and to understand and walk in His will and ways.

Polson Park will be facilitating a "Going Deeper" series of discipleship studies beginning Sunday October 28th at 2pm.  To begin the series, we will be studying God's word alongside Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book "Life Together"  as we explore the nature and practice of Christian life and discipleship.  If you are interested in joining us, and I recommend you do, please contact Pastor Cathleen so she can order you a copy of "Life Together" 

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